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Sponsorship Packages with Team Thompson Racing

Currently Team Thompson Racing is looking for any assistance from anyone who is able to provide any assistance in the team getting to and from meetings, parts for the bike, fuel or tyres.

At present out team is looking for a company or individual to purchase the team’s methanol, this is going to be approximately $50 a meeting which is next to nothing to have your name on the team’s sidecar, toolbox and website.

Of course we are able to customize a sponsorship package to best suit a certain company or individual.  This customization can include anything from instead of providing monetary support, a company might offer a vehicle for the team to travel between meetings with or a sponsor might choose to offer their labour services to assist the team instead of a monetary value, this would then allow the team to spend valuable resources on much needed items instead of spending it on labour costs.

Click here to download – Team Thompson Racing’s Sponsorship Proposal 2014
Click here to download – Team Thompson Racing’s 2014 Portfolio

If you are interested in joining our team as a sponsor the team can be contacted on the below details at any time or you can download our sponsorship proposal above.

Name: Adam Thompson
Mobile: 0420 946 797