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Adrianna Lea Thompson

What was you first motorbike? – I have never owned a motorbike but my brothers and friends did so I always rode theirs

The number of years you have been attending speedway? – 14 years

The number of years you have been racing speedway? – I raced junior sidecars during 2015 and then had a break due to having a baby but have recently started racing again, so this will be my 2nd year really

Why do you race speedway? – I race because for me being on the back of a bike on a speedway track is were I belong and feel like myself

Your favourite Track? – My favourite track, well to be honest it’s a toss up between Maryborough and Tamworth

Your favourite Rider? – I’m kind of obligated to say Adam but I have always looked up to my brothers Joshua and Aaron Smith

Where do you hope to be in 5 years time? – In 5 years I know I will still be racing but I hope to be standing on the podium