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2014 Racing Season Updates


Well what a year for the team … for the first 6 months of the year we had Dani-elle Levy on the back and she was fantastic! Cannot praise her enough for doing such a great job jumping on the back. After a few races day and a few practice days unfortunately Del wasn’t able to make the rest of the 2014 racing season so it was back to the drawing board for the team … then just before the 2014 QLD titles at Bowen, we received word that Don Morris was able to jump on the board and help the team to 2 top ten places at 2 big meetings. Then for the last race of the season, a sidecar cross passenger by the name of Adam Lange jumped on a plane and flew into Canberra and travelled to Gosford to compete in one of the toughest meetings of the year at Gosford Speedway for Round 1 of this year’s Grand Slam! … Well this is the last post of 2014 from the team, we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! and bring on next year! We will be back bigger and better then ever!


Well the team has most definitely not been quite over the 2 month with the first official sponsor coming on board!  A big thank you goes to Mick from Funky Car Skins for redesigning the team’s bike!  Sneak preview on the side 😉 With a brand new colour scheme that is going to turn heads at Gosford on the 28th of December be sure to come and check it out!  Also another big thank you goes to Adam Lange for flying in from Adelaide for the Gosford meeting to jump on the side of a sidecar for the first time as well! This meeting is going to be awesome! Be sure to check out the links below

Funky Car Skins

Round 1 of the 2014 / 2015 Sidecar Grand Slam Series


Well the 4th of October has come and gone but what a fantastic Spring Nationals Meeting at Gosford!  With a couple of great races against some of the best riders in the country on a not so favorable track Adam Thompson and Don Morris did really well having never been to the track together before.  With an overall finish of 10th place the team did really with only the bike setup letting the team down in the end.  Hopefully the team can do just as well if not better at Round 1 of the 2014/2015 Grand Slam Series at Gosford on the 28th of December.   Unfortunately the team is not able to make the 2014 Gary Moon Memorial meeting at Ayr this year … this is so disappointing as we really wanted to be there.  There is now a 2 month break before the next meeting, this should be plenty of time for the team to come back bigger and better than before!


Well what a disappointing meeting at Mildura … nothing but bike problems. After such a great meeting at Bowen speedway last weekend the team was really looking to come away with another great meeting however it was just not the case. Even from practice the team was having clutch and electrical problems and couldn’t even complete the 3 lap practice. A big thank you goes to Mick Cameron for letting us crash as his place, and another big thank you goes to Justin Richards and his family for giving us a hand in the pits. Hoping the next meeting is a lot better in 2 weeks time at Gosford for the Spring Nationals.


Well what an excellent meeting last weekend up at Bowen for the team!  A big thank you goes out to Don Morris for flying up from Newcastle at the last moment and jumping on.  Another thank you goes out to Wayne Thompson for giving us a hand with bike set up after practice and for a few tips to make us quicker throughout the night.  With Adam’s younger brother Jye also joining us in the pits (his first ever speedway meeting) help was most definitely not lacking at this meeting.

With the team walking away from the meeting with a tied spot for 10th place (12th official placing) there is definitely big things on the way for this team however without too much of a rest Adam then drive back from Bowen to Canberra and had to prepare the bike for this weekend’s racing at Mildura! No rest for the wicked! but the we wouldn’t have it any other way.


With the very unfortunate departure of Del Levy from our team, who undoubtedly will go on to do great things in her racing career in cars, the team was in desperate need to find a passenger for the 2014 Queensland Sidecar Titles at Bowen Speedway on the 13th of September.

The team was fortunate enough to acquire the likes of a extremely experience passenger who has been around the sport for many and jump on sidecars with the best of rider, Don Morris.  Hopefully with such a passenger on board the team does really well at next weekend’s event.


Unfortunately we were not able to make it to the Miner’s Cup on the 9th of August due to unforeseen circumstances.

However I (Adam) would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Dani-elle Levy and all of her family that support her in what she does. It is not easy to jump on the side of one of these machines but Del (Dani-elle) has been fantastic this year and our team would not be were we are without her. I cannot thank her enough and I really do hope she continues to be part of our team for years to come.


Unfortunately the team is not going to be able to make it up to North Brisbane this week due to financial constraints.

But be sure to catch us at Kurri Kurri Speedway on the 9th of August for the 2014 Miner’s Cup!


Can’t wait till this Saturday! Going to be a hard day of racing, with a few upgrades on the bike should make for a good show.

Also check out to see Adam Thompson mentioned in a write up about the Speedway Sidecar Spring Nationals in October


Damn! … Kurri Kurri club day has just been cancelled … looks like just a casual 2 hour drive back to canberra for the team … damn you rain!


What a great day at MX Central for the team, weather let us have a fair go on the track at the end of the day, first go on a long track for the team. Having a practice on 650 meters compared to 400 meters makes a big difference. This allow us the perfect how we are entering corners and holding different lines through the corner. Can’t wait to get back to MX Central!



Another meeting with the Canberra Speedway Bulls … hearing some good news about speedway in the ACT and Yass … stay tuned in for more updates.


What a fantastic meeting! With Dani-elle and Adam managing to score points in 4 out of their 5 races they managed to obtain 12th overall.  Undera speedway was a fast small speedway track so there was plenty of barging happening in the first corner.  A massive thank you goes out to Keith Levy for giving the team a hand in the pits all night, and to both Keith and Dani-Elle to making the trip of 8 hours down twice.  With a bit more practice and time together on the bike, Dani-elle and Adam will surely be making finals consistently.



With the Victorian Titles now being run on the 1st of March, the whole team was back on the road again.  With Adam driving down with the bike from Canberra to Shepperton and Keith and Dani-Elle driving down from Sydney, we were all hoping that the speedway was on this time.


After taking 2 days off work to put get the bike ready for the Victorian Sidecar titles, Adam managed to get everything done, bike loaded and ready to go however unfortunately due to weather the speedway track became a swimming pool for the weekend so there was no racing.


After attending the first meeting for the Canberra bulls speedway club for 2014, it appears that we hope to have a track (or at least some land to put a track on) by the end of the year.  John Walker (President) and many others, have done a lot great work around organizing this for the club.  On another note, below is the photo of the team at Moruya Show this year with Greg Gallagher and Wayne Martin from the Canberra Bulls Speedway Club. On a separate note, we still don’t have the engine in the bike for the Victorian State Sidecar Titles this weekend however is should be up and running by sometime on Friday Moruya Show - 2014 - Canberra Bulls Speedway


With the engine being damaged beyond repair, we have ordered another engine from Just Dirt Bikes in Melbourne.  They have given us a great deal on a bare motor.  Looks like it will be up to Adam to put the new engine the bike, test it and make sure it is up to scratch for the 2014 Victorian Titles at Shepperton, as the team has been seeded in this meeting, let’s go racing!


Even though the bike was not running, we still took it up to the Moruya Show at the Moruya Showgrounds on the 25th.  Canberra Bulls put on a fantastic display at the Moruya show during the day and then again at the Moruya Speedway during the afternoon / night.  More bad luck was on the way for Dani-elle unfortunately, during her feature race two connecting rods thought it would be a good idea to jump through the front of the engine therefore bringing the formula 500 to a sudden stop.  Even though this was extremely bad luck to have two engine go in two weeks both teams hope to be back up and racing as soon as possible. Check out Dani-elle Levy’s formula 500 team at Our speedway sidecar at the 2014 Moruya Show


After Dani-elle Levy (the team’s new semi-permanent passenger) successfully completed her competency test during the first of two practice runs at Albury on a slick, wet and muddy track it was on to practice 2.  Everything was going well for the new passenger, we were quick out of the gate and we were getting faster and faster as the meeting progressed until a bush let go in race 4 and put us completely out of the meeting and forcing us out of the Club Day at Broadford the next day. The engine is now pulled apart and spread throughout the workshop.  The team hopes that we are able to rebuild the engine in time for the 2014 Victorian Titles on the 15th of February. Adam Thompson and Dani-elle Levy at Albury Speedway 2014.01.18


The paint work has now been completed and it is up on the website under Media/Photos.  The team is also getting prepared for 3 upcoming meetings in 2 weekends 18th January 2014 – Grand Slam Round 3 (Albury Speedway) 19th January 2014 – Club Day (Broadford Speedway) 25th January 2014 – Demonstration Run (Moruya Speedway) Catch everyone at the meetings, be sure to come over and say hi!


It is the beginning of the 2014 racing season for Team Thompson Racing, with a massive year lined up of racing from Broadford, VIC to Gillman, SA to Ayr, North QLD the team is going traveling a fair bit.  This will be a very exciting year for the team as well with Del Levy possibly jumping on board for Round 3 of the 2014 at Albury on the 18th of January, Broadford Club Day on the 19th of January and the Demonstration run at …  on the 25th of January.  Del currently races formula 500s all up and down the east coast, she finished 3rd in NSW in point and is expected to very well in the 2014 season as well.  Del will be joining the team as a back up passenger for the meetings that David Martin is unable to make it to.  This year will also be the year that the Team hopes to have it’s first sponsor jump on board, not sure who it will be yet but all the team can be is hope. Also with a brand new Paint Job as well for 2014, be sure to check it out at Albury!