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2013 Racing Season


Round 3 of the Grand Slam … Let’s Go Racing!! We have been put through as a seeded rider for this round and the team couldn’t be more excited!


What an interesting practice day Albury. With a mate from work (Paul Wallace) jumping on the side to give it a go and being on a brand new track, what an interesting combination. With meeting Stephen Saunder down there we were both quite keen to get out on the track and chuck it sideways. The first practice not going so well for us (Seeing Sky, ground, sky, ground … in that order), the bike and us deciding that it was a good idea to do some cartwheels on the inside of the track but lucky everyone walked away uninjured. The rest of the practice went alright even with a person who had never seen sidecars or solo racing on the back. Though at the end of the day I don’t think Paul will be jumping on again anytime soon as we had a chat about it afterwards and his thoughts on the sport and well … his words were “**** that! You guys are insane! … great spectator sport though”


Round 2 of the Grand Slam … unfortunately we did not make the cut for this round


Damn you weather!! After doing a mad dash down from Townsville to Canberra to prepare the bike for the First Round of the Grand Slam Series at Kurri Kurri speedway we were able to get it looking awesome just in time. Adrian Kollman from Brisbane jumped on the side for this meeting and did an awesome job on the back despite the track being quite slick in practice. After the practice we were straight into the 1st race of the support race as we were first reserve for this meeting. After an quick gate and first to the corner, next thing we were given a little nudge from underneath and there went the other bike. We unfortunately were not able to finish this race due to our battery shorting out. Then came the rain … and we don’t mean a little … bucket loads … so after the 3 round of the meeting (only 1 round for support) the meeting was called.


No rest for the wicked … on the way down to Kurri Kurri speedway for the first round of the Grand Slam Series!


Not so good … what a not so good run at the Queensland Sidecar Title Qualifier on the 9th of November for Team Thompson Racing. After doing a 20.6 second lap on the first time trail and then a 19.6 second lap on the second time trail, it was just not quick enough to be seeded in the meeting. However not all was lost for the team, after the 1st reverse pulled out of the meeting and a few other bikes along the way, the team got to race 3 out of 5 races at Brandon Flat Track. Lance Tulloch did a awesome job on the back of the bike after being away from racing for a few months and also thanks to Lance’s support crew for the assistance in the pits 🙂 We were also having a few problems with the helmet cameras for this meeting however a few videos will be coming up shortly.


An awesome weekend of racing for Team Thompson Racing at the Gary Moon Memorial North Queensland Masters on the 5th of October.  First off, a big thanks goes out to Stephen Saunders for jumping on the back for this meeting, he did a fantastic job on the back and to Wayne Thompson for giving us a hand in the pits all night and with the bike set up before the meeting.  We did absolutely awesome job out of the taps and were first to the corner most times.  Unfortunately Adam had missed the gear change on the first 2 races and this allowed the other bikes to overtake them on the first corner.  However after some adjustments of the timing they were able to make up for it in the last two races with 2 second places.  So the next meeting for the team hopes to be the Queensland Title at Brandon Flat Track, catch everyone there for that meeting!


What another day of awesome racing for Team Thompson Racing at Kurri Kurri speedway.  After getting a few pointers from Grant Bond about the bike set up just before the last race, the bike performed incredibly.  We will definitely be using that set up next time we are at Kurri Kurri.  Due to financial constrains the team is having a 7 week break from racing and hopefully will be back at Kurri Kurri speedway on the 28th of September.


The team is out at Kurri Kurri speedway for some awesome competition against people like Darrin Treloar and Hayden Bond.


What an awesome day at North Brisbane Speedway on Saturday!  David is really picking up being on the side quickly and the team is working well together.  Hopefully next time the team is in Brisbane we will have the bike set up correctly and be up there in the points.


The team is out here at Brisbane and ready for an awesome meeting.  There are a lot sidecars out here at the moment and it is going to be an awesome.


Looks like the team will have to make a decision on what the next meeting will be as we can’t make it to all of them due to financial restraints (sponsors would come in so handy right about now) … Tamworth on the 20th of July or North Brisbane on the 27th of July …


Getting the bike ready for the meeting at Kurri Kurri … damn … just got a text saying that the meeting has been cancelled due to rain, oh well there is always the next one


Had an awesome day out at Nepean yesterday with David Martin.  After a bad practice run with just missing the start line pole, an official and an massive swimming pool in the middle of the track we could be in for a very interesting day.  After coming in after practice, changing a few things on the bike we were ready to go racing.  1st race: 2nd place, 2nd race: 2nd place, 3rd race: dnf (note – rear wheel does not work well with a blown tube), 4th race: 3rd place, 5th race: rained out, 3rd overall.  A pretty successful meeting after the rider last race being 8 months ago and the passengers first race.


We are out here at Nepean speedway bright and early after leaving Canberra at about 3am … hopefully this rain holds off and we get some awesome racing in!


Looks like a bit of bad news … we just can’t get the bike down to Brisbane in time for the meeting on the 16th of June.  Looks like we will catch everyone at Nepean on the 23rd of June.


With the nominations for the 2013 / 2014 Grand Slam series sent away today, the team is currently waiting to see out all 7 meetings which they nominated for … which of those they will get to ride at … going to be awesome!! On another note … Wayne was able to bring the bike and all the gear down from Townsville for the North Brisbane Meeting on the 16th of June, so catch everyone there for that meeting!!


So looks like we have found a passenger for the Nepean and Kurri Kurri meetings in June, so now lets see how we go in those meetings … also have been reading into the 2013/14 Grand Slam Series … definitely keen for as many of those meetings as possible … but see how the cash flow is going around that time


So things are coming together for the next meeting for Team Thompson Racing at Nepean Raceway on the 23rd of June and then Kurri Kurri Speedway on the 29th of June … just organizing some minor things like …  a passenger, bike transport, money … you know the little stuff.  Will keep everyone updated to how the preparations are going.


The team is still looking for either a full time passenger or someone who just wants to give it a go for one meeting, so pass the passenger to whom ever might be interested.  Thanks in advance.


Received a phone call today about the grand final of the Grand Slam Series at Kurri Kurri Speedway, thanks very much to Dave Parker for this fantastic opportunity to race with some of the best riders in Australia.  Unfortunately due to the Team’s mechanic  (Wayne) being in Gladstone for prior work commits we were unable to attend this meeting however we will be at as many meeting of the Grand Slam as possible next year!


As probably some of you are aware our team is currently looking for a new passenger, with Trent no longer wanting to race we are unable to start out season until we are able to find someone.  So if you or someone you know would like to give it a try please contact Adam Thompson on 0420 946 797 or, see you at the track!


As you may or may not know, Team Thompson Racing is looking for a new passenger for 2013.  Trent Thompson has deceided that for now he does not want to race in the 2013 season even though there was so much potential for the team this year.  So it is now up to Adam Thompson to find a new passenger so that the 2013 season can begin.  So you are reading this and would like either have a go at being a passenger or know someone that is willing to jump on the side, please contact Adam on

03/02/2013 Unfortunately the team was not able to make it into the line up for the Round 5 of the Grand Slam at Kurri Kurri, NSW, so we have now set our sites on the meeting at Mareeba Speedway on the 7th of April, hopefully this will be the team’s first meeting of the year … unless another club holds one before then

31/01/2013 With 2013 now here the team can’t wait to begin another full on year of fast and furious speedway sidecar racing!  Hopefully the first of the meetings being at Kurri Kurri, NSW.  With the successful nomination for the Round 5 of the Sidecar 2012 / 2013 Grand Slam at Kurri Kurri, NSW, if we make it into the meeting this will be our first ride of the year.  Can’t wait!