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2018 Racing Season

Team Thompson Racing's 2018 Season

18th of April 2018

What a very disappointing meeting for the team, the bike didn’t even fire a single shot or even go on the track for practice … well no point in stewing in the past, on to bigger and better things with the new bike! Hopefully very soon!

11th of April 2018

With a complete strip of the bike and engine prior to the #2018AustralianSpeedwaySidecarTitles the team is now off to Tamworth!


23rd of March 2018

Something a bit different for the team this weekend








19th of March 2018

Race Report – 17th Mar 2018 – Tamworth

Adrianna Smith jumping on the back for her first race meeting in seniors ??

We were struggling with under steering coming into every corner so something for us to work on ??

Race 1 – Blue

Alright start and keep with Darrin, Cave and Cafe up until the back straight and then just didn’t have the horsepower to complete

4th place

Race 2 – Blue

Awesome start, 1st place leading Cave, Rolla and another (sorry can’t remeber who) all through the first lap and then a restart due to another passenger coming off … damn

Race 2 – Blue (Restart)

Another awesome start, 1st around the corner and down the back straight … and … couldn’t change out of second gear … wrecked the race for us


Race 3 – White

After deciding to try some new things of the bike, pretty average start and a very shitty race … just wasn’t working as a team on the bike

3rd or 4th place

Race 4 – Yellow

Pretty good start, decided to drag race Darrin (out of red) to the first corner haha, we went low and he went high … coming down the back straight he had all the horses …

3rd Place

B final – White (last pick)

So out of white we had a really great start (against Smith and Cafe) and end up in 1st from the first corner to the last lap … coming onto the last lap … bike just dropped all power … so racing over for us ??

Not too bad for our second time on the bike together and first race meeting … can’t wait for our new South Coast Customs Fabrication. bike!!! Going to be sick!!!!

Big thanks goes out to Funky Car Skins and LuminAuz Australia for making our bike look sick as always!!!

16th of March 2018

The team (Adam and Adrianna) are heading to the Tamworth Club day this week for their first meeting together!

2nd of March 2018

We are on our on our way to Tamworth for some practice laps with the new passenger! Adrianna Lea Smith!

28th of January 2018

Time for some practice at MxCentral, thanks to the guys up there for letting us on the track! Should be awesome fun!

9th of January 2018

So we are off the Tamworth today! Time for the first meeting of the year!

#afchallenge2020 Week 3 day 3 work out complete 🤘🤘

Week 1 - 86.9kg (27.4% body fat - 23.81kgs)
Week 2 - 85.1kg (25.6% body fat - 21.78kgs)
Week 3 - 82.7kg (22.5% body fat - 18.60kgs)

Dropped Total 4.2kgs and…

#afchallenge Week 2 day 1 work out complete 🤘🤘

Week 1 - 86.9kg (27.4% body fat - 23.81kgs)
Week 2 - 85.1kg (25.6% body fat - 21.78kgs)

Dropped Total 1.8kgs and 2.03kgs of fat ... meaning putting on muscle ...…

Getting there ... hopefully first one will be #tamworthspeedway On the 15th of June #somemorelatenightsahead #letsgoracing #speedwaysidecars #raceday @ Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

3 of the 7 engines we have for junior sidecars ... need to get the finger out and build some bikes 🤘🤘 #fabwork #sidecarbuild #speedway #tig #sidecarspeedway @ Australian Capital Territory

So excited about our new bike!!! Can't wait to get on it!! #speedwaysidecars #letsgoracing @ Gold Coast, Queensland

On the way to pick up the new #southcoastcustoms sidecar!!! #onthewaytobrisbane #awesome #speedway #sidecars sccfabrication @ Australian Capital Territory

TTR Junior Speedway Sidecar number #2 build under way ... this one heading to #Townsville!

#letsgetbuilding #junior #speedway #Sidecar #Teamthompsonracing 🤘🤘🤘👍👍👍👍 @ Canberra, Australian…

Guess the bike is being measured up for a new engine ... wonder what it will be🤔🤔 #kidshelping #intheshed @ Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Almost ready for #illabo this weekend! Just need a head stock bolt haha #speedway #junior #sidecar @ Illabo Motorsport Park

New exhaust build and mounted ... almost done! #almostfinished #newexhaust #kawasakiex250j @ Australian Capital Territory

Just a quick update ... the 1st meeting for the team has changed to the 5th if January 2019 at Tamworth!! Catch everyone there for that one!! #countdown #raceday #speedway #sidecars @…

Almost looking like a real junior sidecar!! Hopefully we can have it ready for the tamworth round of the #ECSR

#frontnoseconemounted #notlongnow #almostdone #speedway @ Canberra,…

I liked a @YouTube video 2014/2015 Sidecar Grand Slam Round 1 - Goggle Camera - Race 3

#Stormtroopers on a sidecar ... that's not something you see everyday on a #Speedway bike!!!…